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Access multiple social networking accounts all in one place with Yoono. This desktop application provides a dashboard where you can manage, interact with, and browse a handful of sites and IM platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and AIM. If you have multiple social and instant messaging accounts, Yoono provides a great way to use them all at once. With its organized user interface, alert system, and ability to turn into a fast browser, this application is a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of social Web time.

Yoono is easy to use, organized, and intuitive. In column view, all of your accounts are open side by side. Reply to friends, post pictures, and tweet all in one spot. Yoono is uncluttered; information is organized in respective tabs and columns. It loads fast and has smooth controls that do not stick. Panning over a picture will show it in a pop-up, with a green button that allows you to share the picture on the account of your choosing. The scroll bar in each column does not interfere with browsing, and scrolls with your scroll wheel. One of the best features of Yoono is the ability to create groups that you can view separate from your full friends list. The program will alert you whether someone from a particular group has updates, so you do not have to go hunting for them. You can choose to disable alerts that pop up at the bottom-right-hand corner of your desktop; or simply customize it to only show certain groups.

After the quick install, Yoono will open and various social networking icons will appear on the right side. Choose which accounts you would like to begin using on Yoono. Apart from AIM, Yoono also supports Yahoo messenger, Google Talk, and Live Messenger. To begin using an account, click on the respective icon and log in. You may also register with Yoono first; it claims that this is for added security and privacy. After logging in to an account like Facebook, for example, you can choose to view it in a “column” or in the “browser.” The column view is useful when you are viewing more than one social account. If you want a traditional view, you can also go to the browser tab; just like the program itself, Yoono’s browser is fast. Using the Facebook example, you will see that all of your friends are listed in a column. You can choose to view notifications, messages, and updates from the column’s drop-down menu, or see each of these views in separate columns. If you want to view your Twitter account, for example, log in and you will see who you are following, and you’ll have a choice to switch among other views. If you feel like getting a full view of the site, just click the browser tab. When you click on links, Yoono will automatically redirect you to this tab for a full view as well.

This compact application can save you some time spent clicking through windows and tabs. Yoono keeps track of your social and IM accounts in a streamlined view, eliminating hassle and clutter for users immersed in the social stream.



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Download Yoono Desktop Free for Windows

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