Download Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper Series Pack Free for Windows

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Practically any image can be used as wallpaper, so choices can get overwhelming. Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper Series Pack offers users a chance to simplify their desktop image with a sleek Vista-themed look.

This freeware has a very simple way of viewing the wallpaper. Users must first choose between wide-screen and full-screen wallpaper. The images are basically the same, but are stretched in different ways. Each option holds eight variations on the same theme. Each can be clicked to view more closely. The general look of the wallpaper is a glossy black background with white streaks, almost like a series of spotlights are cutting through the darkness. Starting at the upper-right-hand corner and sweeping into the lower middle is a shiny blue streak, much like the spotlights in the black, but more pronounced. In addition, a little green is added into this streak. Each of the eight options has a subtle variation on this theme, but the biggest difference is that two of them have Windows Vista shields embedded into the blue light.

Once you have decided on a wallpaper design, just go into your computer’s control panel and proceed to change the wallpaper as you normally would, but browse for Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper. We highly recommend this download for anyone interested in adding a sleek Vista theme to their desktop.



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Download Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper Series Pack Free for Windows

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