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This game allows you to cultivate illegal drugs without taking the risk of a lengthy prison term. In Dope Farmer, your goal is to earn as much money as possible in a given time frame by growing and selling marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and mushrooms. Faster-growing plants will put cash in your pocket quickly, but slower-growing plants will net you more bank. Besides planting and harvesting, you must take care to water your crops and mow weeds so you can grow more plants. If you really start to amass a fortune, you can even build your own lab for manufacturing methamphetamine and LSD, although you’ll have to register the game to do so. However, beyond economic advancement, this game offers few twists, though you may occasionally need to bribe the cops. The graphics, which paint you up as a hillbilly farmer living in a shack, are crude and unimpressive, and we longed for the ability to turn off the repetitive music. The trial version will only let you play a 15-day farming cycle, so you ll have to work quickly to make your money. While not suitable for children, this game will appeal to fans of Dope Wars and similar programs.


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Download Dope Farmer Free for Windows

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